5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Refurbished Tech

I may sound bias but buying refurbished technology is a great deal. It gives us the opportunity to take advantage of products that still offer great performance but at a fraction of the cost. Many people now prefer to buy second user tech over new ones just because they can save a decent amount of money. So without much ado here is five things you should know before you buy refurbished technology.

1. It’s Cost Effective

The main benefit of buying refurbished electronics is the cost. As these gadgets are reconditioned products resold by the manufacturer, their price is much lower than the new ones. In fact, some gadgets are sold at more than 50% discount which makes it an attractive deal for the consumers. That means you will be able to make double the savings on buying a refurbished technology.

This is probably the most important factor when choosing to buy refurbished technology. As they’re all second user and reconditioned by the manufacturer the price is usually much lower than retail. You can easily find gadgets and computers at more than a 50% discount. This means you’ll be doubling your savings straight away. While bearing these savings in mind also note that most of the machines can offer 70%+ of the performance of retail units new to the market.

2. Fully Tested

Each and every refurbished computer undergoes testing which is carried out by experienced technicians. The units are cleaned, repaired, upgraded, and then tested again for their performance, Therefore, when buying second user technology you’re assured that your computer is properly working and in the best condition.

3. Reliable Technology

During the testing phase, all defects and damages are ironed out. If you’re buying refurbished computers from an experienced team of technicians then you can be assured that these products are reliable. At Microtech Technologies we’re confident that our products meet your high standards. Therefor we offer a full 12 month warranty on all refurbished computers.

4. Better for the Environment

Buying refurbished technology instead of throwing it in a landfill does leave a positive impact on the environment, When you buy reconditioned second user computers you can be confident that you’re not only saving money, but also the planet.

5. Find Older Models

Many people, me included, prefer to use older models. This is particularly true for laptops, as with newer models the profile of keyboard changes and feels less “clunky”. The older models also fulfil many requirements for modern day tasks and can often be more robust too. However, as upgraded models are released, the older models disappear from the retail market and become harder to find, So if you would like to buy an older version of a model then you can get it refurbished and as good as new.

What next?

If you need a new computer or laptop then please buy refurbished where able. You won’t be disappointed with the huge savings you’ll be making.

We have a wide range on refurbished products in our store including Home/ Office PCs, Laptops, and even our budget Gaming PCs have some refurbished second user technology inside them.

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