Refurbished IT

Refurbished IT

Superb Quality Refurbished PC’s and Laptops

Our IT Refurbishing Process is second to none! Save costs on buying new by purchasing high-quality refurbished IT equipment, including brands such as Apple, Dell and HP.

high tech without the price tag computers for schools

Refurbished PC


IT Equipment comes to us in varying conditions, some better than others!

Refurbished PC


Once through our Refurbishment Process, as good as new!

Inspection and Grading

1 – Inspection

Visual Inspection and Grading


2 – Cleaning

Remove dust, labels – thorough chemical clean


3 – Bodywork

Correct dents and splits, repainting or hydrowrapping

Replace parts

4 – Replace Parts

Checking for missing or faulty parts, then replacing


5 – Testing

Rigorous Functionality Testing


6 – Packaging

Packaging ready for delivery

eco friendly computers for schools

Environmentally Friendly

A staggering 160,000 laptops are disposed of daily in the EU, 70% of which could be reused. In choosing to buy refurbished over new, you’re helping to extend the IT lifecycle process which will in turn reduce the demand for new computers and helps preserve the earth’s raw materials.